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DAYS OF YORE - AUGUST 4 & 5, 2018
Two days, dozens of historical reenactors, sword fights, big cannons, and live combat!

Ver heil! Celebrate Alberta's Heritage Weekend in Didsbury with the Sons of Fenrir Vikings, Dragons Own Medieval Combat Group, The Cannoneers, 78th Fraser Highlanders Group, Victorian Society of Alberta, Edmonton House Brigade, Yankee Valley Yankees, 10th Battalion (CEF) Commemorative Association (WWI), and WWII First Special Service Force Reenactors!

Days of Yore Reenactment Festival - Didsbury AB from Olds Institute on Vimeo.

Sons of Fenrir Vikings will be in Didsbury battling and pillaging! Photo taken at Days of Yore 2017 by Alex Shemetov.You've loved the SONS OF FENRIR VIKINGS at our Arts Festival and, of course, at our first annual Days of Yore in 2016. Come to Didsbury on the August long weekend and learn even more ... along with their special friends! Haven't seen them before? Then you're in for a real treat! Sons of Fenrir are reenactors that portray the Scandinavian peoples and culture from circa 800-950.

Heralding from Calgary, Alberta, they bring to life what it was like to fight and live in a roving Norse Warband. You'll see everything from a huge variety of period crafting to authentic cooking to intense live steel combat.

The Sons of Fenrir are fierce, battle-ready, and primed to give Didsbury another fantastic taste of Norse living history!

The Calgary Garrison is an outpost of the 78th Fraser Highlanders, dedicated to the preservation of the original Regiment and Canadian Military history of the mid-1700s and celebration of the contributions of the early Scots to Canadian culture. Photo taken at Days of Yore 2017 by Alex Shemetov.Then there's the Frasers! The original 78th FRASER HIGHLANDERS was a Highland Regiment, raised in Scotland to fight in Canada during the Seven Years' War. At the conclusion of the war the Regiment was disbanded in Canada and many members of the Regiment settled here and have become an important part of our nation's history.

Dressed in period costume, the Senior Squad will carry the Regimental Colours at Days of Yore. Walk through their historical display portraying life in an 18th century military encampment, including 18th century foot and musket drills and historical cooking displays!

The 78th Frasers preserve the memory of the Fraser Highlanders, their commanders, comrades-in-arms - and their adversaries! You will revel in the historical traditions of Canada and the contribution of Scottish history, heritage and culture to our nation. Without even realizing it, you'll be supporting the endeavors of our Armed Forces, and acknowledging the courage and dedication of the men of the original 78th Fraser Highlander Regiment.

The Cannoneers also represent 1740-1755 French Marines in North American service. Photo taken at Days of Yore 2017 by Judi Newsome.You might have seen them at the Museum of the Regiments or one of the Highland Games in the province, and now you can see them as regulars at Days of Yore right in Didsbury! Bringing us more from the 18th Century are the CANNONEERS, fabulous recreators of a 1700s Royal Artillery Battalion.

The 18th Century 2nd Battalion Royal Artillery Crew will demonstrate the loading and firing of light field artillery pieces. And wait till you see their uniforms! True to the 1742 British army regulations, as is all their equipment, including the ¼ Scale Steel 24PDR Garrison Cannon, mounted on field carriages!

The Dragons Own Medieval Combat Group is a Calgary, Alberta based group of medieval entertainers who seek to provide an enjoyable medieval experience. Photo taken at Days of Yore 2017 by Alex Shemetov.Step back in time - back to the First Crusade onward (1095 - 1450AD) - back to the days of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. That's what you'll find when you see the heroic knights of the DRAGONS'S OWN MEDIEVAL COMBAT GROUP.

By combining historical realism with a touch of fantasy, and just a little poetic license, Dragon's Own provides a show that will thrill and entertain young and old alike.

They even use real weapons in battle, relying on extensive training and skills to bring medieval combat and tournament to life!

Keep your eyes out for these fine Knights, Ladies, and a few scoundrels as well!

The 1st SSF was a group of elite soldiers from the US and Canada who saw service during WWII in Italy and France. Photo taken at Days of Yore 2017 by Judi Newsome."Vigorous training, hazardous duty." These were the words that lured prospective volunteers to the First Special Service Force in World War II.

The FIRST SPECIAL SERVICE FORCE were among the hand-picked best, selected for their rugged, outdoor backgrounds from throughout North America - a group of volunteer, elite soldiers from both the U.S. and Canada. They received intense training as paratroopers, ski troops, mountain fighters, demolition experts, amphibious forces and hand-to-hand combat experts.

1st SSF saw service during WWII in Italy and France. To their foes they were termed "The Black Devils" due to their notorious commando raids, and more popularly back home as "The Devil's Brigade".

You will get a real sense of what life was like in the field as the First Special Service Force Living History Association implements actual combat tactics! It's as close as you can get to war without actual combat.

Such a wonderful group of ladies, these aristocrats from the Victorian age. Photo taken at Days of Yore 2017 by Judi Newsome.The VICTORIAN SOCIETY OF ALBERTA love to live the life from the Victorian and Edwardian-era - the late 1830s through Queen Victoria's reign, and including the reign of King Edward VII, ending at the outbreak of the First World War in 1914.

The distinctly 19th century Victorian era was a time of locomotives and steam travel, gas lighting, horse-drawn carriages and the telegraph. The Edwardian era witnessed the development of the automobile industry, the introduction of electric lighting and, thanks to the 1899 Telegraph Act, the first local telephone systems.

They will entertain us with a rousing game of croquet or bocce ball, demonstrate needlework and crocheting, and maybe even invite you for a glass of lemonade!

In addition to helping indulge passions for the American Civil War, the Yankee Valley Yankees allows its members to turn up the volume with Matthew and Mark the Howitzers! Photo taken at Days of Yore 2017 by Alex Shemetov.The YANKEE VALLEY HISTORICAL SOCIETY are our 7th group planned to join us in 2017. They bring the history of one of the United States' most defining conflicts to life, complete with era-inspired uniforms, muskets and cannons.

The American Civil War lasted from 1861 to 1865, and laid the groundwork to free a entire race of people.

They will field two pieces of artillery and all their guns.

With this group, you'll turn up the volume with Matthew and Mark the Howitzers!

And, they promise to be twice as big as last year and a thousand times louder!

The Edmonton House Brigade is family friendly and all share an interest in the preservation and presentation of fur trade history.The EDMONTON HOUSE BRIGADE are joining us in 2017 for the first time. Its members have chosen to bring back to life the days of the great fur brigades in western Canada at the end of the eighteenth and beginning of the nineteenth centuries.

You will learn all about Canada's Fur Trade, see them start a fire with flint and steel, handling wild meat, learn about Trading Post history, maybe even learn about some edible plants and herbs. Oh yes, and see their proficient use of Black Powder Firearms!

And crafts! A perfect chance to celebrate Canada 150 is to learn old-time skills such as tufting, embroidery, quill work, beading, weaving, knitting, spinning, woodworking, and maybe even a little blacksmithing.

The Edmonton House Brigade represents the period of 1805. They are "Freemen" who have finished their service with the North West Fur Company or the Hudson Bay Company and have decided to stay in country. They are great storytellers, played music, sang songs - all great fun for you at this year's Days of Yore!

"Standing for King and Country" - that was the motto of The Fighting Tenth, otherwise known as 10th BATTALION (CEF) COMMEMORATIVE ASSOCIATION, another new group coming to Days of Yore and representing the 10th Battalion from World War I.

With the help of the 10th Battalion (Canadian Expeditionary Force) Commemorative Association, we will be honouring those who participated in Vimy, and every major Canadian battle of the First World War.Battalion members served from 1914 to 1919, and participated in every major Canadian battle of the First World War, setting a record for the most decorations earned by a Canadian unit in a single battle at Hill 70.

The 10th Battalion is depicted in two major films, "Legends of the Fall", and "Passchendaele".

In addition to exhibiting WWI trench warfare, you will also enjoy their demonstrations of weapons and field signals.

Join with them in their "pièce de résistance": group singing of WWI songs like "It's a Long Way to Tipperary", "Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag", and "Oh! How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning".

We are very excited to have the 10th Battalion with us, as we honour the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

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Days of Yore in Didsbury
August 4 & 5, 2018


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